Uwimana (RW546)

Mrs. Kayla Krueger, Uwimana is greeting you in the name of Jesus Christ. The 2nd term holidays are over, she has started the 3rd semester. She performed well in che class. She got 156/200 marks. She is proud of the way you love and care for her and also your prayers. She always prays for you too.

It's dry season here. She and her family always read the Bible before going to bed. She said she likes the scripture in Psalms 57:1-2. May you read it also. She was also happy to hear that you had a nice wedding. May you live peacefully with your husband. She hopes God will be with you.

She is requesting to pray for her to study well and get far. She likes playing with her friends, looking after animals and doing activities at home.

She was much pleased of your letters. She also loves praying and always prays for you. She wishes the Peace of God!
[written 18 August 2010]

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  1. Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies Says:

    I love that she suggested a Bible verse to you. We recently took on a correspondent child from Rwanda, so I am happy to get to know a bit more about the country and the people.

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