Uwimana (RW546) My Family

My siblings from oldest to youngest are:
Regis, me, Belyse, Daniel

In my family I spend the most time with:

Extended family that lives with me are:
Pacifique, Adeline

My family lives in the rural/urban area:

My food is prepared by:

My favorite thing to do with my family is:

My favorite way to help in my family is:

My family's faith background is:

My family's health and special needs are:
Prayers so that they can get a cow to provide milk.

She thank you so much for the letters you send her. She loves you so much! In Rwanda we are now in the raining season. Does is rain even that way? She loves the picture of your family you sent her. She put it in the sitting room.
[written 17 September 2011]

Mugisha (RW728)

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Your son and family greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. How are you? They are all fine. He thanks you so much for the letter you sent him.

In Rwanda we are now in dry season. He had very nice holidays through he did not pass very well.

He got 31%. Pray for him so that he gets knowledge. He likes playing football and studying. You asked him what he wishes, and he wishes to leave doing bad things and start doing only good things.

He concludes by wishing you God's blessings and peace.
[written 29 August 2011]

Leticia (GH407)

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Thank you for your words of encouragement, your letter, and prayer support.

Response to sponsor's questions:
Please, I do not know the time when I will be perfect. I pray to God to help me become a different person.

Questions from child to sponsor:
Please, I want a picture of the trip or the tree frog?

New personal information about child:
I like reading my bible.

I would like to know more about:
Your family again, and where each person lives.

Child's prayer for sponsor:
You have become a lovely sponsor so I pray that God should bless you.

Child's prayer request:
Please, I want you to pray for me so that I can learn hard. For my father to love us more and care for our needs. My mother is struggling. Please continue to pray for my family.
[written 22 August 2011]

Gerardo (ES378)

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God bless you. How are you doing? I hope you are doing very well and I want to thank you for all the beautiful letters that you have sent me as well as the bible texts and all the bible stories you tell me. I am happy to know that God has placed you in my life. Thank you for sponsoring me. I pray for you and your husband that you will be always together. Congratulations for your graduation. Have you been in good health? I want to ask you to pray for me that God will keep me well. I say "bye" telling you that I love you so much.
[written 30 August 2011]

No-ca (TH991)

Hello sponsor! How are you? I am well. I am looking after No-ca and write letters for her because she can't write yet. She is well. She says thank you very much to you and says hello to you. SHe is happy that you wrote a letter to her. She heard that after finishing with your study you'll be a nurse so she's happy with you. May God bless you and bless your work. SHe'll try her best in her study for her future and dream to come true. She also prays for you. She prays that God will watch over your husband in one year of soldier and you'll be together again with happiness. She was very excited to receive your 3 letters. She says thank you again for your encouragement. She says that you are so kind. SHe has nothing to give you, but she prays for your always. May God bless you.
[written 7 August 2011]

Alex (GH313)

Child's response to sponsor's questions:
Alex says he is doing well in school and he also wishes your stepfather's birthday was successful. He says he is very sorry for all the pains you are passing through. God will intervene.

New things happening in child's life:
He has mastered the english alphabet and also likes playing with friends in a respectful way.

One new thing the child has learnt at the project:
He is very kind.

I would like to know more about:
How is your husband doing?

Child's prayer request:
He says continue to pray for him to do his very best in school. Also pray for his grandmother's business to flourish.
[written 19 September 2011]

Leticia (GH407)

My holiday period starts from August to September.
I shall spend my holiday in a city.
I shall spend my time with my family and friends.
My holiday period falls within the rainy season in Ghana. It is between August and September.

At the Project I will learn, I will play, I will eat, I will dance, I will pray.
At home I will watch tv, I will fetch water, I will read my books, I will cook.
At church I will sing, I will read my Bible, I will dance, I will clap.
Others: I will visit my friends. I will visit my aunt.

Message for my sponsor: Please, how will you spend your holidays and what do you do on holidays? You are very good at writing letters.

Question for my sponsor: Please, how is your husband?

Pray for my sponsor: Please, I pray that God should richly bless you.

Prayer request from child: Please, I want you to pray for my schooling.
[written 9 July 2011]

Cedrique (BF201)

Hi! Cedrique just wants to say hello. He is doing well with his family and he hopes that it is also the same with you. He wants to inform you that the kids are on vacation and it is also the rainy season right now here. So he says that he spends his time playing football with his friends. Cedrique wants to know what you have been doing during your summer break. Now he is asking you to pray for his father's job. He prays that God will bless you. Bye and next time,
[written 20 July 2011]