Muhawenimana (RW159)

To the sponsor of Samile, first of all I greet you in the name of Jesus. How are you? Samile is doing alright. We are now in holiday but she has been sick. She had rushes all over her body but she is recovering. Pray for her to be very well because God can do all things. Nothing is impossible for Him. She always prays for you so that after school you get a good job and a good family. You told her to count the starts in the sky. She tried, but failed because there are very many. And God's technology is not searchable and she and her family love you very much because you have encouraging words. God's word is a very sharp weapon. May God continue to bless you in your endevours. Pray for Samile in June because that's when she celebrates her birthday. We'll celebrate it together on that day. Tell all your relatives that we love them. May God prorect and bless you. (written by her mother)
[written 7 May, 2010]

Alex (GH313)

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Child's response to sponsor's questions:
Alex likes to play with his friends in warm weather.

New things happening in child's life:
He can now sing Christian songs at church and respect his family.

One new thing the child has learnt at the project:
Alex has learnt how to greet people and play with children.

Child's prayer request:
He and his family says pray for them for God's protection and love.
[written 21 May, 2010]

Uwimana (RW546)

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Uwimana Lithe is sending you greetings in Jesus' name appreciating the way you care for her by your daily prayers that she may be fine. She appreciates and as well praying for you also that you may have peace from our Lord, Jesus. She has just come out from a holiday and now she started schooling on 10 April, 2010.

At home the parents are find and strong. We even had a happy Easter. Lithe wished that you may read from the Bible Psalms 136:1-5. She likes that scripture.

Please pray that she may grow with the love and fear of God and also to pass well in class. As you had asked, she also has homework in which she is helped by her elder brother to do it. She is happy that you passed your exams. She concludes by wishing the best for you with your family. May God bless you. The child loves you. (written by her mother)
[written 3 May, 2010]

Alex (GH313)

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New things happening in child's life:
Alex is now good in working Mathematics (numbers and numerals)

One new thing the child has learnt at the project:
He is now social, and he plays with his friends happily and in a respectful way.

Child's prayer request:
Alex and his family says pray for them for God's blessing and protection. And also for God to open Alex's mind so that he can learn better.
[written 28 May, 2010]

Anastansia (TZ308) Easter Letter

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am doing well healthwise. I continue well with my lessons at school and I am now in class seven. Every Sunday we go to church with my siblings. How is the weather over there? In here it is raining and we are now planting beans and we are also wedding our maize crop and peas. I thank you for the services which I am getting/receiving here at the center. I celebrated Easter well. Please pray for me in my lessons at school, and I will pray for you in the activities which you are doing over there. How did you celebrate over there? My memory verse is Psalm 119:9-11. Please read it and you will be blessed by God. God bless you where you are.
[written on 5 April, 2010]

Rachael (GH219)

Rachael is really doing very well. She says God has helped her to grow that she can now talk and walk.

New things happening in Child's life: She now knows it is good for her to pray and obey the will of God.

One new thing the child has learnt at the project: She has now learnt to be kind and can now give memory verses of her age.

Child's prayer request: that God should bless her and protect her to become a devoted Christian and to become a respectful child.
[written 19 May, 2010]

Alex (GH313)

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New things happening in child's life: Alex washes his hands before and after eating.

One new thing child has learnt at the project: Alex always prays before he eats.

Child's prayer request: Alex wants you to pray for his family for God's blessings.
[written 18 May, 2010]

Santiago (CO340) First Letter

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Favorite hobby: to ride bicycle
Favorite food: chicken
Favorite subject: Math
Favorite animal: Dog
Favorite color: Light blue

How old are you? Which state do you live in? Do you have any pets? Who do you live with?

Hello dear sponsor. My family and I greet you with so much affection, may you are well. I tell you that I live in Colombia. I am in 2nd grade of elementary school. I am seven years old and I have been attending the project for two years, where I fell very happy for all they teach me. I have a very dear family. I hope we continue getting in touch. I say goodbye.
[written 15 May, 2010]

Mugisha (RW728)

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Your sponsor child greets you in Jesus' name our Lord. He was so pleased to hear that you accepted him as your child, his family also is pleased with you.

He is looked after by his mother but his dad died. He has four siblings, 2 sisters and 2 brothers.

He hasn't yet received the marks of first term's exams because the term was so short.

He likes playing football. He requests you pray for him so that he becomes more clever. He favorite subject is Kinyarwandan. He concludes and wishes you God's peace.
[written 3 May, 2010]

Alex (GH313) Easter Letter

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Alex spent his Easter holiday in a village with his Grandmother. At home he helped his grandmother with her house duties. At the project Alex watched the Jesus film and sang some Christian songs. At church, Alex was taught the story of Jesus Christ. Alex also went out and played with his friends.

Alex and his family wishes you a happy delighted Easter. They says, they are no more sinners again because our Savior Jesus Christ has washed away all their sins. They will always do His will.

Alex asks who did you spend Easter with and were you happy during Easter?

Alex and his family pray that God will protect you and make your wedding ceremony a lovely one.

Alex wants you to pray for God's love and protection upon his family.

[written 28 April, 2010]