No-ca (TH991)

Dear Kayla,
Hello beloved Kayla in Jesus Christ! I am project staff taking care of No-ca, writing on her behalf because she cannot write well. She and her family are doing fine. She's so glad to receive your letter. She and her family send you their regards as well. Her study is improving. She always attends the activity at the project. The weather is cold now. The rainy season went well. The weather in your place must have been changed too. She attended the thanksgiving. It was the New Rice festival help annually. I visited her and attended this festival with her. She really had a great time. She was so happy. Regarding her study, she's dropping her study for a year because her parents often brought her to the farm and she didn't get to come to the school. Next year she will come back to her study as usual. Please pray for her and her family as well. She's just a small girl and cannot cook rice for herself. So she has to drop her study for one year. Her family has not accepted Christ. Please pray for her family as well. I will write you the letter again. May God strengthen you.
[written 28 October 2011]

Anastansia (TZ308)

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I greet you in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. I proceed with my school lessons well. I and my family proceed well. How are you?

I am hapy to tell you that I will move to form two (10th grade) next year (2012). I never asked myself what the Bible was. The Bible is a total God's message to the people. There are many stories I love hearing and to read. One of them is about God's creation and one about Adam and Eve. Please pray for me on my lessons. I continue praying for you on your works you all do there so that God strengthens and goes before you.

The weather here is a rain season and we have already grown crops on our farms. How is the weather there? I desire one day you visit us in Tanzania. My memory verse is Psalms 89:1-2. Please read it from your Bible. God bless you Kayla.
[written 20 November 2011]

Alex (GH313)

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Dear Kayla,
I spend the most time with my grandparents and Aunt.
My family lives in a Village.
My family's faith is Christian.
My favorite way to help my family is by running errands, cleaning, and helping in the kitchen.
Thank you for your pictures.
Child's prayer request: He says, continue to pray for his grandmother's business and his schooling.
I would like you to know more about my family: He says, he is now living with his grandmother and his aunt. His biological mother is living with his step-father in the same village.
[written 18 November 2011]

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Anastansia (TZ308) Photo Update!

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Rhendel (PH919)

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Dear Kayla,
Hi! How are you? I hope that you are in good health and full of grace. About my studies, it's fine. About my family, we are very thankful that He give us healthy body, peaceful living even though we are in crisis.
Anyway, how are you there? I hope that you are in good health and good job. Please include in your prayer that we are in good situation. How's your place? What did you do that makes you busy? I'm happy about my study in grade 4, especially that I have lots of friends.
Anyway, thank you for the continued sponsorship.
[written 23 September 2011]

Immaculate (UG127)

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My Dreams:

One day I would like to visit: the USA
One day I would like to meet: Kabaka
When I grow up I would like to become a: Nun
I hope to meet my sponsor one day because: she loves me

Dear Sponsor,

Thank you for: my letters
My prayer requests are: wisdom
Answers to your last letter: I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Pray for me to be first in my class.

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No-ca (TH991)

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Dear Kayla,
Hello, I am a project staff. I'm writing on behalf of No-ca again because she can't write by herself. She was very glad to receive your letter again. She heard from you and she want to thank you for your suggestion and teaching her about God through the letter. She wants to answer your question that she like the story when God creates earth because everything that God creates is good. And she will accept God as her Savior. She said she will obey you and your teacher who teach you to be a good girl. She wants to be a good girl. Her parents don't know God yet. What should she do? She wants everyone in her family to accept Christ like her. She said that you are agood because you cares about her and teach her and love her. She said she want you to be her sister. So please write her to encourage her. Thailand is in rainy season. What season is your country in? See you again, and may God bless you.
[written 6 October 2011]

Santiago (CO340)

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Dear Kayla,

Psalms 27:1

I want to tell you that I'm studying hard at school, the CDI teacher is helping me to learn the complete Psalms 23; I ask you to pray for I continue having a good performing.

I live with my parents, my siblings, and my uncle. My siblings are Laura who is 5 years old and Juan Sebastian who is 2. I spend the most of my time with my granny in her home. My favorite activities are playing, practicing sports, playing soccer, and going out. My mom and my uncle cook at home. We usually eat chicken, vegetables, rice, meat, soups, and juices. My family always is caring about my siblings and me. They love me so much and this is my favorite thing about them.

I want to answer your important question in your letter saying that God created Satan knowing that he would commit sin in order to allow him to do the right decision. Some people get sick because they don't believe that God can heal them. God gives us these trials for testing our faith in Him.
[written 28 September 2011)

Rhendel (PH919)

Hi! How are you Ate Kayla? I miss your letter and thank you so much for your reply on our letters. My family had our vacation on a far place, I can't tell you the name of the place because I forgot it's name. God is always good to us because He never leave us especially during those times that we need him the most. Ate Kayla, thank you so much for always praying for my family. I know that the Lord will bless you more! Thank you so much! nd I love you with the love of the Lord. Till next time! Bye!
[written 3 September 2011]

Rhendel (PH919)

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Hi! How are you? I hope that you are in good health upon receiving my letter and most of all full of grace. About me here, I am doing well with my studies, last few weeks I got sick. I had a cough and colds but by God's mercy I am in a good health now as well as my family. You know what I'm so thankful to God with my family despite of all the crisis but still we are all fine. We are happy to have a good health. How are you there? As I said we are all fine here. We are in good health with my whole family. How's the result of your check-up? When will your husband be back? I hope that you will still include us in your prayers. God bless you all.
[written 17 September 2011]

Rhendel (PH919)

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Hi! Hello! How are you? About us here we are fine by God's grace. By the way, we would like to thank you for being my sponsor and for the continued support on me especially on my studies. God has also met our needs, help us on our problems, and has given us strength. I'm still doing good at school and I am now in Grade 4. I have also lots of friends. I still go to the center for my Saturday class. I have also learned more about God. Ate Kayla please continue to pray for my family and good health and protection. We will always pray for you. Thank you so much and God bless you all!
[written 3 September 2011]

Karishma (IN201)

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Greetings to you in the sweet name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am doing well here with my family and hope the same for you. I am thankful to you for your six beautiful letters. My school activity is going on well and I am preparing for my 12th grade board exams. I am pleased to know that God has given you the chance to serve the people who are sick with cancer. I will surely pray for your work and patients. These now a days we are having cools nights but the days are little warmer. I was pleased to know and read that what Bible means really. I have read Psalm 119:105. My favorite Bible story is the Prodigal Son. I always keep your husband and you in my prayers and pray for his safety. You always encourage me for my daily life through the word of God so I am very much thankful to you.

Yes I do become sick but God is always with me during every sickness. As you shard with me about prayer, I want to tell you that every month we have a special prayer network day in our project and it feels great because it the time when we pray for the whole world. I have received my sullabus book, copies and stationary. Through the project I have participated in a Bible quiz from the book of Exodus. Friend, I want to share with you that my compassion teacher has also shared with us about the special uniqueness and unlikeness of every individual and it feels good when we think about such things like how God has created us like that becuase He is really great. I am attending my project classes regularly and I am thankful to you for all your love and support.
[written 8 October 2011]

Anastansia (TZ308)

Greetings in Jesus name. I am find proceeding on with my studies at school. I am with my family proceeding on well.
How are you are you fine? I am fine and in good health. This year I was very sick during some days.
I pray that the works of your hands may be blessed. Kindly pray for me and my studies.
I am in form one at sumay secondary school. Kindly ready from Isaiah 24:6. Please read it and the Lord Jesus will bless you.
Thank for your wonderful letter.
Thanks much. May the Lord bless you.

Muhawenimana (RW159)

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My siblings from oldest to youngest are: Nshuti Lakiba, 6 years
In my family I spend the most time with: Nshuti (her brother)
Extended family that lives with me: none
My famly lives in the rural/urban area: rural
My food is prepared by: my mother
My favorite thing to do with my family is: singing
My favorite way to help in my family is: fetching water and washing utensils
My family's faith background is: ADEPR
My family's health and special needs are: pray for us to get our own house, we are ready.

Dear Kayla, she greets you in the name of Jesus Christ and thanks you for the gift you sent her. She is fine together with her family. How are you? She was very happy because you finished your studies. Continue to be with God.
[written 20 September 2011]

Karishma (IN201)

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Dear my correspondent Aunty Kayla and uncle,
I am doing well here by God's grace and hope the same for you. I am feeling happy to write you this letter in english and I hope you will like it. I have received your two letters and its always a pleasure for me to listen from you. I am pleased to know that you had spent your holidays well. I was also happy to know about your birthday celebration. I congratulate you on graduating from college and becoming a nurse. I am thankful to you for praying for me. I also always pray for uncle's safety, byt the time my letter will reach you, uncle will arrive there, so please do give him my greetings. Now my summer vacation have finished and I want to tell you that I have passed and gone to 12th grade now. I have also started to attend project classes. I was pleased to read your encouraging letter which taught and more over reminded me that really, all of God's children are one. No one is better than anyone else because God made us just as good as everyone else. I am thankful to you for all your love and support. Now I closed this letter in Jesus name. Your daughter,
[written 12 July 2011]