Anastansia (TZ308)

I greet you in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. I proceed with my school lessons well. I and my family proceed well. How are you?

I am hapy to tell you that I will move to form two (10th grade) next year (2012). I never asked myself what the Bible was. The Bible is a total God's message to the people. There are many stories I love hearing and to read. One of them is about God's creation and one about Adam and Eve. Please pray for me on my lessons. I continue praying for you on your works you all do there so that God strengthens and goes before you.

The weather here is a rain season and we have already grown crops on our farms. How is the weather there? I desire one day you visit us in Tanzania. My memory verse is Psalms 89:1-2. Please read it from your Bible. God bless you Kayla.
[written 20 November 2011]

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