Anastansia (TZ308)

Greetings in Jesus name. I am find proceeding on with my studies at school. I am with my family proceeding on well.
How are you are you fine? I am fine and in good health. This year I was very sick during some days.
I pray that the works of your hands may be blessed. Kindly pray for me and my studies.
I am in form one at sumay secondary school. Kindly ready from Isaiah 24:6. Please read it and the Lord Jesus will bless you.
Thank for your wonderful letter.
Thanks much. May the Lord bless you.

Muhawenimana (RW159)

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My siblings from oldest to youngest are: Nshuti Lakiba, 6 years
In my family I spend the most time with: Nshuti (her brother)
Extended family that lives with me: none
My famly lives in the rural/urban area: rural
My food is prepared by: my mother
My favorite thing to do with my family is: singing
My favorite way to help in my family is: fetching water and washing utensils
My family's faith background is: ADEPR
My family's health and special needs are: pray for us to get our own house, we are ready.

Dear Kayla, she greets you in the name of Jesus Christ and thanks you for the gift you sent her. She is fine together with her family. How are you? She was very happy because you finished your studies. Continue to be with God.
[written 20 September 2011]

Karishma (IN201)

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Dear my correspondent Aunty Kayla and uncle,
I am doing well here by God's grace and hope the same for you. I am feeling happy to write you this letter in english and I hope you will like it. I have received your two letters and its always a pleasure for me to listen from you. I am pleased to know that you had spent your holidays well. I was also happy to know about your birthday celebration. I congratulate you on graduating from college and becoming a nurse. I am thankful to you for praying for me. I also always pray for uncle's safety, byt the time my letter will reach you, uncle will arrive there, so please do give him my greetings. Now my summer vacation have finished and I want to tell you that I have passed and gone to 12th grade now. I have also started to attend project classes. I was pleased to read your encouraging letter which taught and more over reminded me that really, all of God's children are one. No one is better than anyone else because God made us just as good as everyone else. I am thankful to you for all your love and support. Now I closed this letter in Jesus name. Your daughter,
[written 12 July 2011]

Rhendel (PH919)

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Dear Kayla,
Hi! How are you? We, together with my family hope that you and your family are in good health.
About me, I'm recently healed from my 4 days of fever and cough. Almost all my family got sick. I thank God because we are all okay now and in good health.
Thank you so much for helping me. About my studies, we already finished our first periodical test. In the center, we also have many activities. I made a paper frog! How's your vacation? Did you enjoy? Please help me pray for my family that God will supply all our needs. Thank you so much for your kindness. I hope that you will continue to pray for us and continue to serve our God. God bless!
[written 20 August 2011]

Cindy (GU992) Christmas Letter

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Dear sponsor Kayla,
God bless you. I always pray for you. My family and I are in good health, thanks to God. I had examinations in school and I got good marks. We went to see a play at the theater and it was of "sleeping beauty". It was much fun. I had a medical check-up and I received vitamins. On September 17, we will have a delicious lunch with my grandparents. During my vacations, I will help my mother with the housework. God always watches over me. I get fever sometimes. Please pray for my family and for my grandparents. I wish you a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year. With love,
[written 27 September 2011]

Alicia (NI144)

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Dear sponsor Kayla,
It is writing your sponsored girl Alicia. I am very glad to write you again. I hope you are in good health. I have many things to tell you! I tell you that I have participated in activities from my project. I handed our some biblical treatises in the streets from my neighborhood. I participated in a united church service and we are going our this week again! I am glad because I have doing good at school and I have good grades, and for having you who give me your help and for every one of your prayers. That's why I give thanks to God. I ask you special prayers for me and I want to ask you something. What new activity have you had? I say goodbye with much love!
[written 8 August 2011]

Dorcus (KE405)

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I hope you are fine in Jesus name. Here I am fine together with my family members. Here in our country it is raining heavily. What about your country? At the project we have many activities going on and it has improved the status of the project such as making green house and they have planted there crops such as tomatoes, sukuma wiki and many others. At school I am going on well and I would like you to pray for me to be a good working girl. I usually pray for you to be a good person and God help you to live a good and longer life. At home we have planted crops such as maize and beans. And we are weeding at this particular time. Pray for me to gow up as a God fearing girl and help my country to develop. Thank you for your support to me. Share with me this verse in the book of 1st Peter 4:9. Kenya has faced so many tragedies. Teachers going on strike, people dieing of hunger, people being burnt and people dieing from taking illicet brew. Pray for our leaders to come up with strategies that can solve this issues in future. Have a nice time in all what you do. I have time and again received letters that have biblical teachings from you. They have taught me things that I didn't know like why we become sick, when we will be perfect, and why God made Satan. Thank you for the messages full of hope. There is an outcry in our country for the economic crisis, most food items have gone up. Pray for us.
[written 23 August 2011]

No-ca (TH991)

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Dear Kayla,
Hello! I am glad to write you on behalf of No-ca again. She can't write by herself. You asked her that how she is. She is doing fine. She has good health. She has smiles as always. Her family is doing well also. She sends you her regards. She thanks you for your encouragement. She understands that God created her. You asked her that have she ever been sick. She said she was sick many times. She had a headache and fever. Now she has healed. She believes this is because of your preayers on her, surely. God listen to the righteous man's prayer. You are very kind for her. She is very joyful. She will obey your encouragement. She will follow your advice. She said she will try to pray when she, her parents or relatives become sick. She will pray for them. She is joyful with our husband that he has come back home safely from being the soldier. She sends you her loves and joy that you are the real nurse. May God bless your family with prosperity and happiness only. See you in the next letter.
[written 2 September 2011]

Immaculate (UG127) Photo Update


Carloariel (HO270)

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Dear Sponsor Kayla,
I am very happy to be able to greet you through this letter. I hope you are well. Every day I ask God for your life and for having someone special in my life. I thank you for all the beautiful and special letters you have sent me, they have been a big help and encourage for me. My tutor has told me that I am privileged for having someone special who is concerned about me. Yes, it's amazing to serve God because He helps us to keep going ahead. He answers to us in a special way because we all are special for Him. Let me tell you that the project have helped me a lot. Last month they took me on a trip to a very beautiful park where I enjoyed with my friends from the project swimming and playing soccer and it was a wonderful day. I also had a medical check up where they helped me a lot with medicines to get better and grow healthy. I am very happy because without your support nothing of these could be possible. Let me tell you that I go to school in the morning and my school is very bug and there is a field where I play soccer with my friends. How was your school? Is college exciting? I am going to keep studying to go to college as you have done. I read in your letters that you are going to get graduated in April, congratulations! And I encourage you to keep going ahead. I know God fights for me and He wants me to succeed too in my spiritual life and intellectual life. My mom sends you greetings and my dad a strong hug. I ask you to please pray for my dad and my mom to get back to church and together praise God. I say goodbye for now hoping your reply to this soon. Until soon, God bless you!!
[written 20 July 2011]