Dorcus (KE405)

I hope you are fine in Jesus name. Here I am fine together with my family members. Here in our country it is raining heavily. What about your country? At the project we have many activities going on and it has improved the status of the project such as making green house and they have planted there crops such as tomatoes, sukuma wiki and many others. At school I am going on well and I would like you to pray for me to be a good working girl. I usually pray for you to be a good person and God help you to live a good and longer life. At home we have planted crops such as maize and beans. And we are weeding at this particular time. Pray for me to gow up as a God fearing girl and help my country to develop. Thank you for your support to me. Share with me this verse in the book of 1st Peter 4:9. Kenya has faced so many tragedies. Teachers going on strike, people dieing of hunger, people being burnt and people dieing from taking illicet brew. Pray for our leaders to come up with strategies that can solve this issues in future. Have a nice time in all what you do. I have time and again received letters that have biblical teachings from you. They have taught me things that I didn't know like why we become sick, when we will be perfect, and why God made Satan. Thank you for the messages full of hope. There is an outcry in our country for the economic crisis, most food items have gone up. Pray for us.
[written 23 August 2011]

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