Abraham (ET205)

My Mrs. Kayla,
How are you doing? Peace be with you. How is everything? I am writing you this letter with a fear that this could be my last letter for you. Dear Kayla, if there is a person I do not want to lose, it is you. I get your letters and your complements are very important to me. They changed my life. I really like reading your letters more than anything. I am very sure that I would be sad if you stopped writing me. I am so sorry about what happened to your husband. But do not worry. God is always good and you cling to Him. Read Isaiah 40:27-31. Dear Kayla, it has been a few days since we celebrated the Ethiopian new year. In our calendar its 2003 now.

I love you. With your support, I have been provided with everything I need. God bless you. I graduated in "ICT" and I will be leaving Compassion soon. I am going to miss your letters. God bless you. I will pray for you. Bye.

Pray for me that I would be a solution to many peoples' problems.

Alex (GH313)

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Mrs. Kayla,
Child's responses to sponsor's questions:
Alex and his family say they are most grateful unto you for your support and care. They also wish you all the best in this coming Christmas.

New things happening in child's life:
Alex is very kind and a good child to his grandmother

One new thing the child has learnt at the project:
He has learnt to be kind to others.

Child's prayer request:
He wants you to pray for God to grant him wisdom to study hard in school. He also wants you to pray for God's blessings over his grandmother's business.
[written 29 October 2010]

Shekeine (KE920)

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Mrs. Kayla,
Shekeine sends his love greetings to you. He says he is fine and his family too. He knows through your letters that you are fine. He says thanks for the many letters you send him. He says he will pray for you and for God to be with you in this difficult time.

Shekeine says he is still learning hwo to read and write and cannot read the Bible alone. He informs you that his teacher at the project reads the letters for him. He says in his country they have labor day on the 1st of May. He informs you that he likes singing and has learnt Jesus story and others. He says thank you for the nice photos and cards you sent him. He informs you that he spent his August holiday at home and helped in cleaning. He says he also attended the project for 2 days to learn God's word. He says he learnt what is sin and that Jesus came to save us if we confess our sins.

He says thank you and God bless you.
[written 29 September 2010]

Gregory (KE826)

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My sponsor friend,
Receive greetings of love and happiness from your son in Kenya, Gregory.

He says he is doing well both at school and also at home. He says he is praying hard for you and your family.

Gregory says that he has to sit for term two end exams and he was position 17 out of 49.

Gregory says that his parents are happy because God has given them enough rain to make their maize to grow well and know they are harvesting.

He also wanted you to know that he has received a gift that you send to him. He says he was happy about it and he says may God bless you.

He also wanted you to know that this month in his place is very hot.

He also says that he likes going to church everyday, especially attending the sunday school lesson.

He also says he misses you and wants to hear from you again.

Have a nice time and God bless you, Goodbye.

Your loving son, Gregory
[written 25 September 2010]

Zenah (TZ 338)

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Mrs. Kayla,
Zenah greets you so much she sais praise the Lord Jesus she goes on well at school and at the center. She congradulates you for receiving so many letters that she received. She thanks you for the Bible verse that you sent her from Jeremiah 17:7. She is very pleased by the example you gave her about the tree planted in the try land. She is also glad to hear that your husband is a soldier.
She says true, Joshua's age was so little and he was unable, but it is God who chose him. She says now she likes singing before God. She thanks you for the stickers. She finally says she prays for you for God's blessings and protection. She thanks you.
[written 18 September 2010]

Uwimana (RW546)

Mrs. Kayla Krueger, Uwimana is greeting you in the name of Jesus Christ. The 2nd term holidays are over, she has started the 3rd semester. She performed well in che class. She got 156/200 marks. She is proud of the way you love and care for her and also your prayers. She always prays for you too.

It's dry season here. She and her family always read the Bible before going to bed. She said she likes the scripture in Psalms 57:1-2. May you read it also. She was also happy to hear that you had a nice wedding. May you live peacefully with your husband. She hopes God will be with you.

She is requesting to pray for her to study well and get far. She likes playing with her friends, looking after animals and doing activities at home.

She was much pleased of your letters. She also loves praying and always prays for you. She wishes the Peace of God!
[written 18 August 2010]

Alex (GH313)

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Child's response to sponsor's questions:
Alex is enjoying school very well and he says the weather in Ghana is cold in the morning and warn in the afternoon and there is also a lot of rainfall.

New things happening in child's life:
Alex is growing healthy and loves to go to school always. He also relates coordially with friends.

One new thing the child has learnt at the project:
Alex is good in approaching people with respect.

Child's prayer request:
He says continue to pray for him and his grandmother for God's provisions and guidance.
[written 11 October 2010]

Immaculate (UG127)

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Mrs. Kayla Krueger,
I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I hope he has been gracious to you and is still shining His face upon you. Greetings from Uganda the pearl of Africa. How is the US?

Greetings from Immaculate, she is find and doing very well. She says thank you for loving her and always praying for her. She says she also always prays for you and thanks God for you.

She loves drawing pictures and shading but does not know how to paint, and she admires you for that.

She says that she loves going to church every Sunday and is sorry that at one time you were unwell and unable to go to church. SHe was so amuse by the funny fames of your sister's kittens (fish and soap). She says she has a father but does not live with him.

Immaculate also says she has friends and she plays with them and shares with them.

She says school is fine and she loves it alot and always leaves school for home at mid-day everyday.

She says the weather is okay only that it is usually a bit cold in the mornigns and bright and hot in the afternoon with a few showers once in a while.

She requests that you pray for her to be able to study hard at school and understand what the teachers teach.

Mrs. Kayla, we want to thank you so much for loving Immaculate, for your selfless commitment, sacrifice and dedication in praying for her and writing to her.

May God bless you abundantly and open doors and clear the obstacles in your way.
[written 14 October 2010]

Alex (TZ314)

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Mrs. Kayla Krueger,
Alex greets you. He says he is fine together with his family. He says he was so happy with his family to receive a letter from you. Also to see your wedding photo and your two dogs Tilly and Charlie. he says he saw Alfie also. He says he likes playing football with friends. He says he is in nursery school. He says he likes mathematics and he prays for you. He says may God bless you. Goodbye.
[written 17 September 2010]

No-ca [TH991]

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Dear Mrs. Kayla Krueger,
Hello. I'm Mr. Pakpum, the TH-991 child worker, writing the letter on behalf of No-ca, as she can't write by herself. No-ca has already received your letter. She looks so happy. She's like to thank you very much. She'd like to know you more. She told that there are 4 members in her family, including herself. THere are her parents and her elder sister. However her elder sister has already got married and she doesn't stay in the same house as No-ca. No-ca has a pet, which is a cat. When she grows up, she wants to be a teacher, because she is talkative. No-ca likes to draw pictures and play in the water and swim. Her village is near a river. She therefore likes to play in the water and catch fish. Her parents are agriculturists and employees. No-ca would like to ask you what dream you want to get most and what activities you do on holiday. No-ca would like to thank you very much again. She likes to read your letters so much. Love in Christ.
[written 5 September 2010]

Alex (TZ314)

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Mrs. Kayla Krueger,
Alex greets you saying Shikamoo! He is fine with his whole family. He is thankful for your sponsorship. He did not travel in June, he stayed at home helping his granny to sweep and playing football with his friends. He also likes to play with car toys. He attends Bible study at the center where he learns various stories about Jesus. Last week they learnt about Paul and Silas. He asks for prayer to know how to read and write. He says Goodbye.
[written 20 August 2010]

Muhawenimana (RW159)

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Mrs. Kayla Krueger,
Muhawenimana, your daughter, greets you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

She is doing good with your family members and hey all thank you for the nice letters you sent her.

She loves reading the Bible.

Your daughter always fills excited when she looks at your photo.

She promises to continue praying for you and for your family members.

Your child also praises the almighty God who made you her sponsor.

She wishes to know if you will come to visit her in Rwanda so that you get chances of seeing gorillas?

She requests for your wedding photo.

She is doing good at school and she requests for your prayer so that she continues performing well in 3rd term.

She concludes by wishing you God's peace, blessings, and protection to you and to your family members. Thank you.
[written 31 September 2010]

Rhendel (PH919)

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Dear Kayla,
How are you? I hope that you are in good health upon receiving my letter. About us here, we are fine. By the way, thank you so much for the time you gave to me and most especially for the continued support. I know God will continue to bless you. How was your work? I'm still going to school and I'm now in grade 3. I enjoyed my school this year because I met lots of friends. Every Saturday I go to Sonshine Center for my Saturday class. Please continue to pray for me and my family. We will always pray for you too. Thank you so much and God bless you all!
[written 11 September 2010]

Rachael (GH219)

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Child's response to your questions:
The girl is doing well. The weather is wearm and the temperature is 25 degrees C. Rachael knows prayer is the key to every problem.

New things happening in child's life:
She now has a younger brother.

One new thing the child has learnt at the project:
Rachael can now write numbers nicely.

Child's prayer request:
Pray her her education and her family.
[written 8 October 2010]