Muhawenimana (RW159)

Mrs. Kayla Krueger,
Muhawenimana, your daughter, greets you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

She is doing good with your family members and hey all thank you for the nice letters you sent her.

She loves reading the Bible.

Your daughter always fills excited when she looks at your photo.

She promises to continue praying for you and for your family members.

Your child also praises the almighty God who made you her sponsor.

She wishes to know if you will come to visit her in Rwanda so that you get chances of seeing gorillas?

She requests for your wedding photo.

She is doing good at school and she requests for your prayer so that she continues performing well in 3rd term.

She concludes by wishing you God's peace, blessings, and protection to you and to your family members. Thank you.
[written 31 September 2010]

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