Gregory (KE826)

My sponsor friend,
Receive greetings of love and happiness from your son in Kenya, Gregory.

He says he is doing well both at school and also at home. He says he is praying hard for you and your family.

Gregory says that he has to sit for term two end exams and he was position 17 out of 49.

Gregory says that his parents are happy because God has given them enough rain to make their maize to grow well and know they are harvesting.

He also wanted you to know that he has received a gift that you send to him. He says he was happy about it and he says may God bless you.

He also wanted you to know that this month in his place is very hot.

He also says that he likes going to church everyday, especially attending the sunday school lesson.

He also says he misses you and wants to hear from you again.

Have a nice time and God bless you, Goodbye.

Your loving son, Gregory
[written 25 September 2010]

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