No-ca [TH991]

Dear Mrs. Kayla Krueger,
Hello. I'm Mr. Pakpum, the TH-991 child worker, writing the letter on behalf of No-ca, as she can't write by herself. No-ca has already received your letter. She looks so happy. She's like to thank you very much. She'd like to know you more. She told that there are 4 members in her family, including herself. THere are her parents and her elder sister. However her elder sister has already got married and she doesn't stay in the same house as No-ca. No-ca has a pet, which is a cat. When she grows up, she wants to be a teacher, because she is talkative. No-ca likes to draw pictures and play in the water and swim. Her village is near a river. She therefore likes to play in the water and catch fish. Her parents are agriculturists and employees. No-ca would like to ask you what dream you want to get most and what activities you do on holiday. No-ca would like to thank you very much again. She likes to read your letters so much. Love in Christ.
[written 5 September 2010]

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