Immaculate (UG127)

Mrs. Kayla Krueger,
I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I hope he has been gracious to you and is still shining His face upon you. Greetings from Uganda the pearl of Africa. How is the US?

Greetings from Immaculate, she is find and doing very well. She says thank you for loving her and always praying for her. She says she also always prays for you and thanks God for you.

She loves drawing pictures and shading but does not know how to paint, and she admires you for that.

She says that she loves going to church every Sunday and is sorry that at one time you were unwell and unable to go to church. SHe was so amuse by the funny fames of your sister's kittens (fish and soap). She says she has a father but does not live with him.

Immaculate also says she has friends and she plays with them and shares with them.

She says school is fine and she loves it alot and always leaves school for home at mid-day everyday.

She says the weather is okay only that it is usually a bit cold in the mornigns and bright and hot in the afternoon with a few showers once in a while.

She requests that you pray for her to be able to study hard at school and understand what the teachers teach.

Mrs. Kayla, we want to thank you so much for loving Immaculate, for your selfless commitment, sacrifice and dedication in praying for her and writing to her.

May God bless you abundantly and open doors and clear the obstacles in your way.
[written 14 October 2010]

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