Cedrique (BF201) First Letter

Cedrique is very glad to have you as sponsor. He lives with his parents and grandmother and they have a tree at home. He likes playing soccer with his friends Gail and Kevin. Cedrique has 2 brothers who are Jean and Richard. His elder sister is names Fore. His dad is names Paulin and his mom is Pascoline. Red is his favorite color and he likes eating rice. What is your job? Bye!
[written 26 May 2011]

Rhendel (PH919)

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Dear Kayla,
How are you and your husband? Hoping that you are in good health also your husband. How's your work? I hope that you are in good situation. And God will spare you from any harm. About me, I don't have class and I'm enjoying my vacation and taking care of my younger brother. I'm also excited to go to my mother's place because my mother said that we will go for a vacation there. About my family, we are okay thanks to Jesus because he reduces my mother's high blood pressure when she got sick. How about you and your husband?

I pray to God that you are always healthy also your husband that he will be spared from harm. Please help me pray that we are always okay also my mother that she will be completely healed in her illness.
[written 27 April 2011]

Alex (GH313)

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Child's response to sponsor's questions:
Alex and his family say they are doing very well by God's grace and they thank you once again for writing and your words of encourgement.

New things happening in child's life:
He likes speaking in English language. He is also obedient and respectful.

One new thing the child has learnt at the project:
He has learnt how to treat others with fairness and kindness.

He would like to know more about your husband's trip.

Child's prayer request:
He wants you to continuously pray for his health, education, and family.
[written 3 May 2011]

Leticia (GH407) Easter Letter

My Easter period starts from April to May.
I shall spend my easter in a town.
I shall spend time with my parent and friends.
My easter period falls within the dry season in Ghana. It is between January and May.

-at the project: I learn, play, eat, dance, sing.
-at home: I fetch water, wash my clothes, read a book, play, pray, dance, sing, watch television, wash bowls and cooking utensils.
-at church: I pray, clap, read the Bible, sing, dance.

I hope you are going to spend your easter holidays well.

Please, has your husband come back from the army trip?

I pray that God will give you a baby girl like me.

Please, I want you to pray for me so that I will pass my exams.
[written 9 April 2011]

Karishma (IN201)

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Praise the Lord to you all from and my family. God has blesed me with a mother, a responsible brother, a beautiful family, a good friend, and a loving aunty like you. I read the Bible verses written in your letters. Aunty, I also read the Bible. The weather ha become a little cold here. Please pray for my borther that God may bless him in his work. I have received your letter and I was pleased to read them. School is going well for me and I am concentrating on my studies. We also celebrate Labour Day here but we don't have holiday on this day. Few day back I prepared myself for my exams, and have spent times with my family. I like to read about nature. I pray for compassion, my family, and for you. We celebrate November 14 as Children's day in our country. I have many good friends. I will wait for your letter and I wish to see you soon. Much love from your daughter.
[no date written]

Esmelyn (DR800)

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How are you? May God bless you! I am doing well, thank God. I am doing well in school and in everything. I am practicing baseball in a league called Manuel Jimenex Batista and the base I like to play is first base and center field and I am doing very well in my practices. I give you thanks for the gift; I will use it to buy a pair of pants. Do you have children? What is your favorite food? I ask you to pray for my sister and my family, especially for my grandfather who is going to have a surgery that everything might go well. Now, I say good bye. May God bless you! Good bye with lot of love.
[written 28 February 2011]

Gerardo (ES378)

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Hello! I hope you are fine. May God bless you in a big way and give you strength and joy. I pray much for your husband that God will take him home safely. I want to tell you that I started the school year at school and also in the student center. I want to thank you for all the beautiful letters you have written me and the Bible stories you tell me. All of them are very beautiful. I read the Bible and I want to answer your questions: I do have vacations in Devember and I enjoy much and I did it burning firecracker because we do that here. I read about Baal and he was not able to answer because he was a statue. When is your husband going to be back home? Please, pray for my family that God will bless us.
[written 26 April 2011]

Alex (GH313) Photo Update!


Bire (ET523) Photo Update!

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Alicia (NI144)

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Dear sponsor Kayla Krueger,
Love greetings from your sponsored child Alicia. I hope that you are doing well. I feel happy for writing again. Esteemed sponsor, I have many things to tell. In the project we had a singing contest. Also we had a party in the project for the 7th anniversary. Was very joyful. In my classes I am doing well. Dear sponsor, I wonder do you like to sing? I request prayers for my family for God always takes care of them. You are in my heart forever. A thousand blessings for you and your family.
[written 12 April 2011]