Karishma (IN201)

Praise the Lord to you all from and my family. God has blesed me with a mother, a responsible brother, a beautiful family, a good friend, and a loving aunty like you. I read the Bible verses written in your letters. Aunty, I also read the Bible. The weather ha become a little cold here. Please pray for my borther that God may bless him in his work. I have received your letter and I was pleased to read them. School is going well for me and I am concentrating on my studies. We also celebrate Labour Day here but we don't have holiday on this day. Few day back I prepared myself for my exams, and have spent times with my family. I like to read about nature. I pray for compassion, my family, and for you. We celebrate November 14 as Children's day in our country. I have many good friends. I will wait for your letter and I wish to see you soon. Much love from your daughter.
[no date written]

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