Karishma (IN201)

I am thankful to you for writing me such loving letters and thank God that I have got such an Aunty like you. Aunty, I know the story of Abraham. He was very strong in faith. I pray for my uncle and God is always with you. I also know the story of King Ahab that he had blind faith and he worshipped idols. Aunty, we also had good winters here but we are fine by God's grace. Aunty, I have my parents, two brothers, myself, and my sister in my loving family. My sister has got married and she had a baby boy. Aunty, we had our Christmas program in Compassion and I participated in that. Aunty, I got holidays on every festival in my school. God always pull us out in every problem. Whether its small or big. I always thank God for this. As God chose Moses, we also need to become like him, so that God may choose us too. Aunty, you please do pray for others that God may be with him always and at every place. Aunty, we have festical of Coulors in India on 19th of March. People play with colours in this festival a lot. Aunty, please do pray for my project that God's blessings may alays be had. Aunty, I also wish to see you. So if possible, please do send me a family photograph of you so that I can see my loving Aunty. Aunty, with lots of love from me and my family, may you have God's blessings upon you. Your loving daughter,
[written 18 April 2011]

Rhendel (PH919)

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Hello! I hope that you are all in good condition. I would like to thank you for all the advice and by the way it's already summer class is over. Last April 4. Thank God I was able to pass another year in studies. Our class will be this June 2011. By the way, belated happy birthday to you. I was just also celebrated my birthday last April 3 and I am 10 years old now. We thank God for another year He gave to me, for the good health. As of now we spent our summer together at home. I still go to the project every Saturday. We have a lot of activities in Sonshine Center and I enjoyed it well. How are you? How was your husband? I hope that every will be fine all the way when he comes back to your home. Please continue to pray for us for a good health and more blessings to come. Love,
[written 21 May 2011]

No-ca [TH991]

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Hello. I am a project worker. I am writing on behalf of No-ca because she cannot write by herself.

During this time, it is her school vacation. She attended many camps that the project arranged. She has fun at all camps. She and her family are doing well. For her study, if the school starts, she will go to school every day. During this stime, it is the rainy season so sometimes she cannot go out from home because it rains heavily. She is too young to know about cancer. She says that if her family is facing problems and the hurtful and sorrowful situations, she will ask the pastor at church to pray for her and her family so that everything will be better. Her school is going to start soon. Her school is going to start May 18. She is very glad that she will play with her friends. Her family thanks you for writing her the letter. She wishes you to be healthy. Love and care,
[written 10 May 2011]

Anastansia (TZ308) Easter Letter

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I greet you in Jesus name. I proceed well with my studies in school. I am find with good health. Are you also fine with good health? How is the climate there? Here it rains. I pray so that God can help me in my studies in school. My studies proceed well in school and I expect to close school in June. I have prepared well for my terminal examinations. I celebrated Easter at home. We ate rice with meat at home. My family is doing well and God enables us. My verse from my heart comes from Psalm 34:7. Please read and be blessed by God. Thank you.
[written 12 May 2011]

Alex (GH313)

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Child's response to sponsor's questions:
He and his family are doing well. His family says they are very proud of you and thank you for your words of encouragement. They also wish you all the best.

New things happening in child's life:
He is growing healthy and stronger. He is also friendly.

One new thing the child has learnt at the project:
He loves going to church on learning about bible stories.

Child's prayer request:
He says pray for God's protection and good health over him and his family. He also wants you to pray for his education and Christian life.
[written 20 May 2011]

Muhawenimana (RW159)

Are you okay and very strong? For us we are also okay. We thank jesus. How are you? How is work? Even at school? We are in the rainy season. For you, how is it? Did you husband come back? Muhawenimana always pray for him to come back saftely and you thank God with him. Pray for Muhawenimana to pass well in primary three so that may God help her as He always answer those who pray to Him.

May God continue to be with you and your family and we are waiting to hear about you.
[written 28 April 2011]

Uwimana (RW546)

Your child is greeting you in the nme of Jesus. She is in the first semester holidays. She got 176 marks out of 200. She thanks you for your prayers. They are experiencing a rain season. She wishes to know if you hare experiencing a rainy season. Pray for her father for his is sick. She ended by wishing you peace and God's blessings.
[written 1 May 2011]