Karishma (IN201)

Sunday, July 31, 2011 1:10 PM Posted by Kayla
I am thankful to you for writing me such loving letters and thank God that I have got such an Aunty like you. Aunty, I know the story of Abraham. He was very strong in faith. I pray for my uncle and God is always with you. I also know the story of King Ahab that he had blind faith and he worshipped idols. Aunty, we also had good winters here but we are fine by God's grace. Aunty, I have my parents, two brothers, myself, and my sister in my loving family. My sister has got married and she had a baby boy. Aunty, we had our Christmas program in Compassion and I participated in that. Aunty, I got holidays on every festival in my school. God always pull us out in every problem. Whether its small or big. I always thank God for this. As God chose Moses, we also need to become like him, so that God may choose us too. Aunty, you please do pray for others that God may be with him always and at every place. Aunty, we have festical of Coulors in India on 19th of March. People play with colours in this festival a lot. Aunty, please do pray for my project that God's blessings may alays be had. Aunty, I also wish to see you. So if possible, please do send me a family photograph of you so that I can see my loving Aunty. Aunty, with lots of love from me and my family, may you have God's blessings upon you. Your loving daughter,
[written 18 April 2011]

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