No-ca [TH991]

Hello. I am a project worker. I am writing on behalf of No-ca because she cannot write by herself.

During this time, it is her school vacation. She attended many camps that the project arranged. She has fun at all camps. She and her family are doing well. For her study, if the school starts, she will go to school every day. During this stime, it is the rainy season so sometimes she cannot go out from home because it rains heavily. She is too young to know about cancer. She says that if her family is facing problems and the hurtful and sorrowful situations, she will ask the pastor at church to pray for her and her family so that everything will be better. Her school is going to start soon. Her school is going to start May 18. She is very glad that she will play with her friends. Her family thanks you for writing her the letter. She wishes you to be healthy. Love and care,
[written 10 May 2011]

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