No-ca (TH991)

Dear Kayla,
Hello beloved Kayla in Jesus Christ! I am project staff taking care of No-ca, writing on her behalf because she cannot write well. She and her family are doing fine. She's so glad to receive your letter. She and her family send you their regards as well. Her study is improving. She always attends the activity at the project. The weather is cold now. The rainy season went well. The weather in your place must have been changed too. She attended the thanksgiving. It was the New Rice festival help annually. I visited her and attended this festival with her. She really had a great time. She was so happy. Regarding her study, she's dropping her study for a year because her parents often brought her to the farm and she didn't get to come to the school. Next year she will come back to her study as usual. Please pray for her and her family as well. She's just a small girl and cannot cook rice for herself. So she has to drop her study for one year. Her family has not accepted Christ. Please pray for her family as well. I will write you the letter again. May God strengthen you.
[written 28 October 2011]

Anastansia (TZ308)

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I greet you in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. I proceed with my school lessons well. I and my family proceed well. How are you?

I am hapy to tell you that I will move to form two (10th grade) next year (2012). I never asked myself what the Bible was. The Bible is a total God's message to the people. There are many stories I love hearing and to read. One of them is about God's creation and one about Adam and Eve. Please pray for me on my lessons. I continue praying for you on your works you all do there so that God strengthens and goes before you.

The weather here is a rain season and we have already grown crops on our farms. How is the weather there? I desire one day you visit us in Tanzania. My memory verse is Psalms 89:1-2. Please read it from your Bible. God bless you Kayla.
[written 20 November 2011]

Alex (GH313)

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Dear Kayla,
I spend the most time with my grandparents and Aunt.
My family lives in a Village.
My family's faith is Christian.
My favorite way to help my family is by running errands, cleaning, and helping in the kitchen.
Thank you for your pictures.
Child's prayer request: He says, continue to pray for his grandmother's business and his schooling.
I would like you to know more about my family: He says, he is now living with his grandmother and his aunt. His biological mother is living with his step-father in the same village.
[written 18 November 2011]