Shekeine (KE920)

Mrs. Kayla,
Shekeine sends his love greetings to you. He says he is fine and his family too. He knows through your letters that you are fine. He says thanks for the many letters you send him. He says he will pray for you and for God to be with you in this difficult time.

Shekeine says he is still learning hwo to read and write and cannot read the Bible alone. He informs you that his teacher at the project reads the letters for him. He says in his country they have labor day on the 1st of May. He informs you that he likes singing and has learnt Jesus story and others. He says thank you for the nice photos and cards you sent him. He informs you that he spent his August holiday at home and helped in cleaning. He says he also attended the project for 2 days to learn God's word. He says he learnt what is sin and that Jesus came to save us if we confess our sins.

He says thank you and God bless you.
[written 29 September 2010]

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