No-ca (TH991)

Dear Kayla,
Hello! I am glad to write you on behalf of No-ca again. She can't write by herself. You asked her that how she is. She is doing fine. She has good health. She has smiles as always. Her family is doing well also. She sends you her regards. She thanks you for your encouragement. She understands that God created her. You asked her that have she ever been sick. She said she was sick many times. She had a headache and fever. Now she has healed. She believes this is because of your preayers on her, surely. God listen to the righteous man's prayer. You are very kind for her. She is very joyful. She will obey your encouragement. She will follow your advice. She said she will try to pray when she, her parents or relatives become sick. She will pray for them. She is joyful with our husband that he has come back home safely from being the soldier. She sends you her loves and joy that you are the real nurse. May God bless your family with prosperity and happiness only. See you in the next letter.
[written 2 September 2011]

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