Karishma (IN201)

Dear my correspondent Aunty Kayla and uncle,
I am doing well here by God's grace and hope the same for you. I am feeling happy to write you this letter in english and I hope you will like it. I have received your two letters and its always a pleasure for me to listen from you. I am pleased to know that you had spent your holidays well. I was also happy to know about your birthday celebration. I congratulate you on graduating from college and becoming a nurse. I am thankful to you for praying for me. I also always pray for uncle's safety, byt the time my letter will reach you, uncle will arrive there, so please do give him my greetings. Now my summer vacation have finished and I want to tell you that I have passed and gone to 12th grade now. I have also started to attend project classes. I was pleased to read your encouraging letter which taught and more over reminded me that really, all of God's children are one. No one is better than anyone else because God made us just as good as everyone else. I am thankful to you for all your love and support. Now I closed this letter in Jesus name. Your daughter,
[written 12 July 2011]

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