No-ca (TH991)

Dear Kayla,
Hello, I am a project staff. I'm writing on behalf of No-ca again because she can't write by herself. She was very glad to receive your letter again. She heard from you and she want to thank you for your suggestion and teaching her about God through the letter. She wants to answer your question that she like the story when God creates earth because everything that God creates is good. And she will accept God as her Savior. She said she will obey you and your teacher who teach you to be a good girl. She wants to be a good girl. Her parents don't know God yet. What should she do? She wants everyone in her family to accept Christ like her. She said that you are agood because you cares about her and teach her and love her. She said she want you to be her sister. So please write her to encourage her. Thailand is in rainy season. What season is your country in? See you again, and may God bless you.
[written 6 October 2011]

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