Santiago (CO340)

Dear Kayla,

Psalms 27:1

I want to tell you that I'm studying hard at school, the CDI teacher is helping me to learn the complete Psalms 23; I ask you to pray for I continue having a good performing.

I live with my parents, my siblings, and my uncle. My siblings are Laura who is 5 years old and Juan Sebastian who is 2. I spend the most of my time with my granny in her home. My favorite activities are playing, practicing sports, playing soccer, and going out. My mom and my uncle cook at home. We usually eat chicken, vegetables, rice, meat, soups, and juices. My family always is caring about my siblings and me. They love me so much and this is my favorite thing about them.

I want to answer your important question in your letter saying that God created Satan knowing that he would commit sin in order to allow him to do the right decision. Some people get sick because they don't believe that God can heal them. God gives us these trials for testing our faith in Him.
[written 28 September 2011)

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