Leticia (GH407)

Thank you for your words of encouragement, your letter, and prayer support.

Response to sponsor's questions:
Please, I do not know the time when I will be perfect. I pray to God to help me become a different person.

Questions from child to sponsor:
Please, I want a picture of the trip or the tree frog?

New personal information about child:
I like reading my bible.

I would like to know more about:
Your family again, and where each person lives.

Child's prayer for sponsor:
You have become a lovely sponsor so I pray that God should bless you.

Child's prayer request:
Please, I want you to pray for me so that I can learn hard. For my father to love us more and care for our needs. My mother is struggling. Please continue to pray for my family.
[written 22 August 2011]

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