Uwimana (RW546) My Family

My siblings from oldest to youngest are:
Regis, me, Belyse, Daniel

In my family I spend the most time with:

Extended family that lives with me are:
Pacifique, Adeline

My family lives in the rural/urban area:

My food is prepared by:

My favorite thing to do with my family is:

My favorite way to help in my family is:

My family's faith background is:

My family's health and special needs are:
Prayers so that they can get a cow to provide milk.

She thank you so much for the letters you send her. She loves you so much! In Rwanda we are now in the raining season. Does is rain even that way? She loves the picture of your family you sent her. She put it in the sitting room.
[written 17 September 2011]

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