No-ca (TH991)

Hello sponsor! How are you? I am well. I am looking after No-ca and write letters for her because she can't write yet. She is well. She says thank you very much to you and says hello to you. SHe is happy that you wrote a letter to her. She heard that after finishing with your study you'll be a nurse so she's happy with you. May God bless you and bless your work. SHe'll try her best in her study for her future and dream to come true. She also prays for you. She prays that God will watch over your husband in one year of soldier and you'll be together again with happiness. She was very excited to receive your 3 letters. She says thank you again for your encouragement. She says that you are so kind. SHe has nothing to give you, but she prays for your always. May God bless you.
[written 7 August 2011]

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