Leticia (GH407)

My holiday period starts from August to September.
I shall spend my holiday in a city.
I shall spend my time with my family and friends.
My holiday period falls within the rainy season in Ghana. It is between August and September.

At the Project I will learn, I will play, I will eat, I will dance, I will pray.
At home I will watch tv, I will fetch water, I will read my books, I will cook.
At church I will sing, I will read my Bible, I will dance, I will clap.
Others: I will visit my friends. I will visit my aunt.

Message for my sponsor: Please, how will you spend your holidays and what do you do on holidays? You are very good at writing letters.

Question for my sponsor: Please, how is your husband?

Pray for my sponsor: Please, I pray that God should richly bless you.

Prayer request from child: Please, I want you to pray for my schooling.
[written 9 July 2011]

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