Rhendel (PH919)

Dear Kayla,
Hi! How are you? My family and I are hoping that you are all in good health with full of grace. About my studies, well I could not really tell that it's fine because I really find it hard with our class, because we don't have enough books. About my family, by God's mercy, even though our everyday income is not that enough, still we are so thankful from up above that He gave us a good health. Thank you so much for sharing God's words. As of now I don't have a bible yet with old and new testament, but that's the very thing I ask God to have. It would be a great gift to be treasured in my life. By the way, how are you all there? I hope that you're happy with your husband and family and I hope that you will include me in your prayers, for my studies here that everything would be fine. God bless you all.
[written 23 July 2011]

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  1. JD Says:

    Compassion has opened my eyes to the widespread shortage of books for these precious children, and the hardships it creates in their education. My next project in Ghana is a library in Ato Sam's village, connected to the church so that all children will be drawn to the church to supplement and encourage their education.

    As for a Bible, Compassion gives Bibles to all the Compassion children, as far as I know. I'd encourage you to call them this week to see if they can provide one to Rhendel, if not, perhaps God will provide a child gift for Rhendel, like I had to do with Leo in Indonesia, who also did not have a Bible. Keep us posted!

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