Alex (GH313) Holiday Plans

Holiday Location: During this holiday, I shall be: In a village

Relations: I shall be with: My Grandmother

Activities: I shall participate in the following activities:
-At the Project: He will take part in the project inter-classes fun games
-At Home: He says he will run errands and also wash dishes
-At Church: He says he will sing and dance and also learn new Bible stories
-Others: He says he will play with his friends outside home

Message for my Sponsor: Alex is very excited to write and tell you that he has had a break from school. He says this break will last for 7 weeks and he is very happy that he will have a lot of time to be with his family and also play around.

Question for my sponsor: He wants to know whether your husband is back from his mission trip.

Prayer for my sponsor: He says he prays that God will keep you safe and grant you more strength for your work.

Prayer request from child: He says pray that God will protect him in the days he will be staying at home.
[written 25 July 2011]

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