Alex (GH313)

Thank you for your letter and words of encouragement.

New things happening in child's life:
Alex always wash his hands before and after toileting.

One new thing the child has learnt at the project:
He is very kind and friendly and always smile when he sees people.

I would like to know more about your:
Is your husband back from his trip?

Child's prayer request:
He says continue to pray for him and his family for God's strength and prosperous life all the time.

I love you and God bless you.
[written 22 August 2011]

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  1. JD Says:

    Awwwwww! Sounds much like the letters we get from the twins in Ghana, who have learned in the last few months to "brush their teeth, wash their hands, wash their faces when they wake up, and pray before bedtime". Perhaps they can teach my kids? :D

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