Immaculate (UG127)

Immaculate says how are you? She has sent greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. She says that she is in her holidays and she is enjoying it. She says that the family loves you so much.

Immaculate says thank you very muchfor the support that you offer to her. She is pleased and she says plus her family may the living God bless you so much. Immaculate says thank you very much for the Christmas gift you sent to her. She says she bought a dress and eats and drinks that they are on Christmas. She says she ate a variety of foods like rice, bananas, and meat. She says she really enjoyed and may the living God bless you and the works of your hands. She says she is going to be drawing and shading pictures like the ones she has drawn for you.

Immaculate says that she has a memory verse for you from the book of Matthew 1:18 which talks about how Jesus was born and she came to know that Jesus was the Son of God. She wishes you a happy new year. May God bless you she says.
[written 13 January 2011]

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