Alex (GH313) Holiday Plans

Holiday Location: In a Village
I shall be with: My Aunt/Uncle, My Grandmother & my friends
I shall participate in the following activities:
-At the project: He will participate in the games which will be organized at the project.
-At church: He will learn more about Jesus Christ and memorize Bible verses.
-At home: Alex will be running errands and also washing plates.
-Other: He will go out with his friends and play together.

Alex is very excited to tell you that his school will soon be breaking for vacation holidays and he is happy for that because when school re-opens, he will be promoted to primary one.

Question for my sponsor: Are you happy that he will be promoted to primary one?

Prayer for my sponsor: That God will continuously bless and protect you and your family and bring joy to you.

Prayer request: He wants you to pray for him for God to open his mind on his studies.
[written 20 July 2010]

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