Carloariel (HO270)

Dear sponsor Kayla,
I hope that you are in good health and that the peace of the Lord is with you and all your loved ones. I feel very happy to write you this letter to tell you what I have done in the last months. I want to tell you that I'm finishing the school year. I'm in 5th grade and I hope to get good grades. I also want to tell you that we went on a field trip on child's day from the project and they took us to a park close to the city called El Picacho and I enjoyed playing soccer with my classmates and we also had cake and a delicious lunch. We also broke a pinata and it was a great blessing for me. We also had a dental checkup and they pulled out one tooth that was hurting so much. How many member are there in your family? Where in the United States do you live? I would like to know and I hope that you like my letter and that we write again soon. Blessings!
[written 20 November 2010]

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