Immaculate (UG 127)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010 4:31 PM Posted by Kayla
Family Members:
Eve, age 19, mother
Matilda, age 50, grandmother
Sarah, age 17, aunt
Sam, age 24, father

My best friend:

My favorite things...
School subject: Drawing pictures
Food: Rice, Posho & beans
Color: Red
Game: Running around
Bible story: Jesus' birth
Song: Baby Jesus

If I could visit anywhere, I would go...
to the village, because she has a lot of friends to play with there.

Message for my sponsor:
Immaculate is not able to write you herself because she is away to the village where she was taken to stay for a while as her mother tries to treat her and also sort our their financial crisis. We are doing our best to trace and get to her and once we get her, she will write to you.

Please pray that Immaculate and her mother will manage well with the crisis they are in and will come out victorious. Thank you for choosing her, may God bless you!

My dream for the future:
She always says she likes to be a teacher.
[written 17 June, 2010]

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  1. Michelle Says:

    Such young parents! I will pray! Is there any way you could send out a Family Gift to help their financial crisis?

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